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Cleanings & Exams

DENTAL CLEANINGS — Our dental cleanings are performed by professional Hygienists who are highly trained. Our thorough cleanings include:

  • Calculus and Tarter Removal
  • Plaque removal. Plaque is a sticky and invisible substance which includes food particles, saliva, and harmful bacteria that can erode tooth enamel or cause periodontal (gum) disease when not removed.
  • Teeth polishing. This removes excess bacteria and plaque that is not removed with standard brushing.


  • Dental X-ray review. This helps detect tooth decay, cysts, tumors, or bone loss. The X-ray is also used to help determine tooth and root positions. We use digital x-rays which reduces radiation by as much as 80-90% over traditional x-rays. Panoramic X-rays show the entire mouth area including all teeth on both upper and lower jaws.
  • Oral Cancer Screening.
  • Evaluate gum health.
  • Examine for tooth decay.
  • Examine current restorations

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